How Our SEO & SEM Services Increased Online Leads for Offensive 360

Offensive 360 is a provider of deep application security source code analysis, malware analysis, and SCA. They are trusted by the EU government for their expertise in source code analysis for malware. Their idea was to come up with a solution to fill in the gap when it comes to parsing the source code. They created a unique methodology by designing a virtual compiler for each language they process.

Industry: Software development company

Services: UI/UX, SEO & SEM, Web Development, Strategic Consultancy & Business Insights, and Digital Branding.

Duration: 1 month

BRAVA 360 - The Problem

The Problem

  • Outdated website that lacks compliance with industry user experience standards and guidelines
  • The old website was not generating enough/any leads for the company
  • The old website failed to effectively capture visitors’ interest

BRAVA 360 - The Solution

The Need

  • Create a more impactful online presence
  • Build a brand identity; revamp the current website
  • More users to try out the product by subscribing to the One-time scan package
  • Bring more leads from the website
  • Market a specific version of the product, One-time scan, by creating a marketing landing page

BRAVA 360 - The Solution

The Solution

  • Identified the target audience and search for benchmarks
  • Restructured the current sitemap & information architecture (IA)
  • Built wireframes according to new sitemap and information architecture (IA)
  • Applied visual design based on selected theme from client

We provided a comprehensive digital marketing plan for Offensive 360, including a website redesign based on industry standards and fundamental UI/UX practices. We also acted as strategic consultants for lead generation and sales.

Global SAAS Research / Business needs / Benchmarking

User Segmentation / Use Personas

Sitemap / Information Architecture

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes / Visual Design

UI/UX &QA Audit / Delivery Feedback

BRAVA 360 - The Results

The Result

  • The rebranding and UX fixes implemented in the website had a significant impact on both user perception and overall performance. Through the new branding efforts, the website successfully conveyed the desired message and resonated with the target audience.
  • The design enhancements, including updated visuals and intuitive navigation, contributed to a more aesthetically pleasing website.

These positive outcomes not only validated the success of the project but also translated into tangible business results, with an increase in leads and revenue, and improved user experience and conversion rates.

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Increase in demo requests

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