How Our SEO & SEM Services Increased Online Leads for Kingsmill Industries UK

Kingsmill Industries is a leading manufacturer, and supplier of earthing materials and lightning protection products and equipment for the UK and caters globally to businesses around the world.

Industry: Lightening protection company 

Services: SEO & SEM

Duration: 1 year

BRAVA 360 - The Problem

The Problem

The client had just undergone a domain change and a complete website makeover with additions of new pages that made them dramatically less impressionable on search engines, their challenge was to compete against players in the industry with 10+ years of existence and SEO work.’

BRAVA 360 - The Solution

The Solution

We based our research on specific personas who might be visiting our website, and shaped our content accordingly by selecting the relevant keywords, writing the correct technical content targeted towards decision makers and refining the overall user experience on the website, ensuring that it’s fast reliable and secure

BRAVA 360 - The Results

The Results of year 2021 Vs. 2022

After 9 months of SEO work, from selecting relevant keywords that brought in users who were looking to make a decision to building out engaging content that targets decision makers, Kingsmill Industry Uk was able to achieve better results to its online website and increased its yearly website visits and leads.

0 %

Increase in users

+ 30,000 users

0 %

Increase in Sessions

+ 33,000 users

0 %

More Pageviews

+35,000 pageviews

0 %

High Quality Leads

Every Month

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