How Our SEO & SEM Services Increased Online Leads for Al Baghli United Sponge

Al Baghli United Sponge is one of the leading sponge manufacturers in Kuwait and GCC with four factories and six showrooms.

BRAVA 360 - The Problem

The Problem

Al Baghli United Sponge had a weak digital presence with poor quality social media posts and an outdated e-commerce website. They needed a strong uplift to improve their brand's online performance.

BRAVA 360 - The Solution

The Solution

BRAVA 360 rebranded the brand completely, giving it a modern look and feel inspired by Kuwaiti culture, integrating many cultural elements in the content. We rebuilt their website and handled their social media management to tackle their issues.

BRAVA 360 - The Results

The Results

BRAVA 360's rebranding and social media management led to an extreme outbreak of brand awareness, resulting in higher online sales and more brand engagement.

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Increase in orders

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